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A Few Words About The Author

Tony Guarnaccia – Owner, Founder, Entrepreneur

Tony has helped thousands of businesses survive crises. Whether it was post 9/11 or during the Great Recession, Tony has helped businesses navigate the uncertainties and emerge stronger on the other side.

As an entrepreneur, business owner, and enterprise marketer, Tony worked with, literally, the best businesses in every industry, including Google, Microsoft, ADP, Ford, Foster Grant, and Mohegan Sun to name a few. And he has helped grow over 10,000 small businesses and a dozen Fortune 500 companies.

Together with you, he is on a mission to Democratize Marketing — to share with small business owners and entrepreneurs exactly What to Do to grow profitably, How to Do It, and How to Leverage the Resources to Make It Happen. He believes that by growing small businesses, together we can impact not just our local communities but also our world.